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About eCAPH

About eCAPH

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What is eCAPH?

CAPH was an association originally formed in 1989 to support primary Headteachers in Cheshire County Council. It provided a supportive communication network between Headteachers and LA Officers in Cheshire and encouraged them to work in partnership to sustain and enhance the quality of primary education for children, staff and the wider community. Over the years it has worked with LA Officers to promote high quality provision to all primary school children in Cheshire. As Cheshire County Council was devolved in to Cheshire East Borough Council in April 2009, CAPH became eCAPH in September 2008 and over recent years this association became a more structured organisation becoming a not-for-profit limited company in November 2013. eCAPH continues developing plans to become a charity in 2020.

eCAPH's main role continues to be a Headteacher network offering pastoral support to colleagues; but also
  • To be able to respond when a Headteacher faces a particular difficulty.
  • To be the 'glue' and foster positive relationships between Headteachers
  • To build confidence and enthusiasm amongst Headteachers mainly in Cheshire East
  • To facilitate quality leadership development and training
  • To represent member primary schools robustly, speaking with one voice.
  • To achieve our aims through a range of strategic, pastoral & representative functions
  • To ensure the drive for high quality vision and leadership in education at both strategic and operational level.
  • To provide a supportive communication network for Headteachers that will encourage them to collaborate.
  • To provide a forum for debate and an exchange of ideas, for mutual support and collective influence.
  • To formally partner with the Local Authority to design and deploy policy across our region.
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