Primary Education Representation

Primary Education Representation

eCAPH represents as a Lobbying voice for school leaders - 61 meetings a year

CEASH - Cheshire East Association of Secondary Headteachers; x6. Phase liaison

CWAPH – Cheshire West Association of Primary Headteachers; x3. Cross county networking 

NWAPH – North West Association of Primary Headteachers; x3. Regional policy & priorities 

SEND Board (plus sub groups) – Lobbying for better inclusion; x6

Education & Skills Board; x5. CE main strategic education board; focused on pedagogy

SCIES – Supporting keeping children safe; x3. Policy updates & statutory requirements

Director & Head of Service meetings; x12. Regular LA liaison, strategic initiative planning

SRIB – Strategic Regional Improvement Board; x6. Accessing targeted funding for schools

Primary Operational Group - Teaching Schools; x4. Supporting ITT / Research / CPD

School Forum & Formula working group; x4. Fairer funding at local and national levels

Emotionally Healthy Schools; x3. Championing Mental Health and Wellbeing

LSCB (plus sub groups); x3. Ensuring multiagency working especially with police & social care

Active Cheshire; x3. Championing participation and inclusion

…and this is just in Cheshire East